Wrong Turn (film, 2021)

Film spont 2021 gant Mike P. Nielsen

Wrong Turn (brudet ivez evel Wrong Turn: The Foundation) zo ur film spont slasher stadunanat embannet e 2021. Sevent eo bet gant Mike P. Nelson ha skrivet an istor gant Alan McElroy. Ar film a zo un adsevel kement hag ar seizhvet hini eus an heuliad filmoù Wrong Turn. An aktourien eo Charlotte Vega, Adain Bradley, Emma Dumont, Dylan McTee, Daisy Head, Bill Sage ha Matthew Modine. Produet eo bet etre meur a vro, Stadoù-Unanet Amerika, Alamagn ha Kanada.


  • Charlotte Vega evit Jen
  • Adain Bradley evit Darius
  • Bill Sage evit Venable
  • Emma Dumont evit Milla
  • Dylan McTee evit Adam
  • Daisy Head evit Edith
  • Matthew Modine evit Scott
  • Vardaan Arora evit Gary
  • Adrian Favela evit Luis
  • Tim de Zarn evit Nate Roades
  • Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan evit Ruthie
  • Chaney Morrow evit Hobbs
  • Damian Maffei evit Morgan / Deer Skull
  • Mark Mench evit Standard / Wolf Skull
  • David Hutchison evit Cullen / Boar Skull
  • Chris Hahn evit Samuel / Elk Skull
  • Valerie Jane Parker evit Corrine
  • Daniel R. Hill evit Reggie


Ar film zo bet degemeret etre. Nick Allen eus RogerEbert.com en deus bet roet teir steredenn a-ziwar peder, o skrivañ "McElroy and Nelson evolve Wrong Turn into a bizarre, winding odyssey, albeit with a lot more on its mind than just a cool kill.". Burutelladennoù zo bet abalamour ma vefe bet klasket degas ur spered "araokour" d'an oberenn gant tud a liv hag heñvelreizh met o chom re mod kozh. Eus un tu tud yaouank eus kêr Millennial/Gen Z, eus un tu all tud kilstourmerien[1] Poan zo gant ar film da vezañ sklaer a-fed petra eo kentel ar filmaozer[2].

Evit lod burutellerien e vo ar film diwezhañ er frañchiz[3] dre ma z'eo bet tennet an holl diazezoù pe dost a rae kalon ar frañchiz en ur glask un adsevel modernoc'h.

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  1. The film really tries to show how diverse it is without ever giving these underrepresented characters a role in the story. Three characters in the main group are people of color, two of whom are gay and in interracial relationships. However, none of these characters contribute anything to the plot and lack any real discernable characterization, with their fates ultimately decided by the white female lead. They have no agency, which makes their inclusion more infuriating.
  2. the message is muddled because the film plays both sides and doesn’t seem to know what it wants to say by the end about either one. /
  3. https://www.journaldemontreal.com/2021/03/02/une-relecture-ratee