The Book of Saints and Heroes

The Book of Saints and Heroes, zo ul levr 23 a istorioù sent ha santezed, gwir an darn vrasañ anezho, savet gant "Mrs. Lang", skeudennaouet gant H. J. Ford hag embannet e ti Longmans e 1912.

  • The First of the Hermits
  • The Roses from Paradise
  • The Saint with the Lion
  • Synesius, the Ostrich Hunter
  • St. Augustine
  • Germanus the Governor
  • Dunstan the Friend of Kings
  • St. Margaret of Scotland
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary
  • Saint and King
  • The Preacher to the Birds
  • Richard the Bishop
  • Colette
  • The Apostle of the Japanese
  • The Servant of the Poor
  • The Founder of Hospitals
  • The Patron Saint of England