Colline Hill

Colline Hill pe Blandine Coulet hec'h anv en ti-kêr, bet ganet d'an 31 a viz Eost 1980 e Pluveleg, a zo ur ganerez-c'hitarourez vreizhat ha saverez kanaouennoù saoznek folk. Goude bet o chom ur pennad en iwerzhon emañ bremañ o chom e Liège.

Colline Hill o sevel kanaouennoù war Inis Mór

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2009: Cause I Love, Akamusic

  1. Cause I Love
  2. She Believes In Me
  3. By You

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  1. Someone Left Before Me
  2. Autumn Girl
  3. She Believes In Me
  4. From Now
  5. No More, No Less
  6. Rassure-Toi
  7. By You
  8. Cause I love
  9. When You Joined The Sky
  10. Where You Are
  1. Oh Hey Was
  2. But in My Days
  3. Back Again
  4. To Die Like a King
  5. For the Last Time
  6. Old Friend
  7. Wish You Were Here
  8. The Greatest
  9. Random Skies (I'm Afraid of Dying)
  10. And the Sirens

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