Evit kas ur postel : https://br.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dibar:KasPostel/MP

Patrom luskadoù arzoù


Salud dit. Ur patrom am boa savet, ma fell dit teurel ur sell : Patrom:Luskadoù arzoù ar c'hornôg. A galon. --Ex-Smith 30 Gou 2010 da 22:03 (UTC)Respont

Labourva grafek


Gourc'hemennoù ha trugarez evit al labour vat ! --Kadwalan 18 Gou 2011 da 13:58 (UTC)Respont

Mann 'bet ! Dav eo deomp sachañ tud divrezhonek a-benn pleustriñ taskoù zo ha n'eus ket ezhomm gouzout ar yezh. MP 19 Gou 2011 da 10:12 (UTC)Respont

Pennadoù iskis o renk


Salud dit, Ne gomprenan ket gwall vat penaos eo bet jedet ar sifroù-se. Da skouer : w:Akbar, (pennad merket bihan) > Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar (67236 ke), padal ez eo 152 301 ke pouez ar pennad saoznek (hir-hir) ha 3 061 ke hini ar pennad brezhonek (berr). A belec'h e teu "67 236 ke" neuze ? Ar choler (kaozeal) 18 Mae 2024 da 13:53 (UTC)Respont

Faziet eo bet etre ment ar bajennad ha niverenn ar bajenn.
MP (kaozeal) 18 Mae 2024 da 14:41 (UTC)Respont

Notice about files


Hi! You have uploaded many files so you may be interessted to know that I have been talking to Huñvreüs about files without a license at Kaozeadenn Implijer:MGA73. I have also made a request for a bot flag at Wikipedia:Bot#MGA73bot so my bot can work on files.

My goal is to find and mark files that do not have a valid license. If the uploader (you) can confirm to be the creator of the file and confirm a valid license (for example Template:Cc-by-sa-4.0) my bot can perhaps help fix the files.

You are very welcome to comment at the bot request. --MGA73 (kaozeal) 18 Mae 2024 da 17:47 (UTC)Respont

Hello @MGA73,
I made the graphs from scratch.
MP (kaozeal) 19 Mae 2024 da 14:14 (UTC)Respont
Hello! I have a question about Restr:Sindbad.jpg. The copyright is owned by the author or publisher of the book so you can't release it as cc-by-sa-4.0. If it is from 1990 it is still copyrighted and then it have to be fair use. Is it from 1990 or is it a reproduction of an old drawing/painting? --MGA73 (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 07:32 (UTC)Respont
That's a book cover of an old breton book by a breton language publisher, An Here, fr:An Here, ruled by Martial Ménard, fr:Martial Ménard. The publisher went bankrupt.
I guess that's fair use, like an adverstisement. But I don't know state of the rights nowadays.
MP (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 07:41 (UTC)Respont
Thank you! I do not know if there are any non-free templates or if fair use is allowed. Do you know if Breton Wikipedia have a page like en:Wikipedia:Non-free content? --MGA73 (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 07:52 (UTC)Respont
Also I tried to add relevant information to Restr:Portal al lennegezh.png and Restr:Tennadenn patromoù ur portal.png. Please fix if incorrect. I also fixed Restr:Chahrazad.jpg and moved to Commons. If okay the local file can be deleted. --MGA73 (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 07:55 (UTC)Respont
MP (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 08:07 (UTC)Respont
Hello @MGA73, there is no fair use policy on this wiki and I don't think we should have one. It would require expertise to design it and manpower to enforce it, none of which is currently available. Let's get rid of all on-wiki files and just use Commons. Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 08:33 (UTC)Respont
Hi Huñvreüs! Okay. Great. Yes it takes a lot of time. I know some wikis have a limited fair use policy like only logos and covers of books, movies, music and games. But I can't remember which wikis. --MGA73 (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 08:37 (UTC)Respont
I agree to save manpower's energy ;-)
I see a mention of a book cover : To identify a subject of discussion, depiction of a prominent aspect of the subject generally suffices, thus only a single item of non-free content meets the criterion. For example, to allow identification of music albums, books, etc., only an image of the front cover art of the object is normally used; for identification of specific coins and currency, images of the front and back are normally used. here.
MP (kaozeal) 25 Mae 2024 da 15:09 (UTC)Respont
Yes, but this is for the English language Wikipedia and with reference to the US law. Huñvreüs (kaozeal) 28 Mae 2024 da 07:46 (UTC)Respont

Hello! I have now edited the files you uploaded. They are in Rummad:Files uploaded by User:MP. It would be great if you could check the files and make sure everything is okay. I moved some to Rummad:Files uploaded by User:MP - not own work because you are not the original creator. If there are other files you did not make please put them there too. --MGA73 (kaozeal) 4 Mez 2024 da 15:03 (UTC)Respont

I have checked.
Thank you!
MP (kaozeal) 4 Mez 2024 da 18:39 (UTC)Respont

Meta / Pennadoù diazez


https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:List_of_Wikipedias_by_sample_of_articles#br.wikipedia.org_/_a_1000_vital_articles MP (kaozeal) 20 Mae 2024 da 15:57 (UTC)Respont